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welcome to the 8-years-old JLO STAR, the ultimate fanpage about the youtube Queen, Jennifer Lopez. Her carreer began as back up dancer, but today she's the most successful latina in the world. She released 7 albums, had four #1 hits in the USA, and she's the only who had #1 album and movie at the same time. Her video "On The Floor" (2011) is the most watched video by a female on youtube with more than 500 million viewers. I hope you enjoying you stay here.

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2013 / 2014
Releasing upcoming 10th album
//MORE Information

OCTOBER 3, 2013
Premiere of 'A Step Away' on NuvoTV
//ABOUT the show

JULY 14, 2013
Performing at the Hyde Park for the British Summer Time live music series

JUNE 3, 2013
Premiere of "The Fosters" on ABC
JUNE 1, 2013
Performing at The Sound of Change Live concert in London

MAY 27, 2013
Performing 'Live It Up' at Britain's Got Talent.

MAY 19, 2013
Performing 'Live It Up' at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.
Here you can find the albums recorded by Jennifer Lopez. For the total discography, click [here].

Tenth album (2013)
About: 9th studio album, 10th overall
Released: Eary 2014
Recorded: 2012-2013
Label: Island Records
Charts: Not charted yet
No. of Single(s): 1

Dance Again - The Hits (2012)
About: 2nd complilation album, 9th overall
Released: July 20, 2012
Recorded: 1998-2012
Label: Epic Records
Charts: #20 (USA), #10 (Hungary)
No. of Singles: 2
Amazon: [BUY]

Love? (2011)
About: 7th studio album, 8th overall
Released: April 29, 2011
Recorded: 2009-2011
Label: Island Def Jam
Charts: #5 (USA), #13 (Hungary)
No. of Singles: 3
Amazon: [BUY]

Brave (2007)
About: 6th studio album, 7th overall
Released: October 4, 2007
Recorded: 2006-2007
Label: Epic Records
Sales: 650,000 copies (WW)
Charts: #12 (USA), #17 (Hungary)
No. of Singles: 2
Amazon: [BUY]

Como Ama Una Mujer (2007)
About: 1st Spanish language album, 5th studio album, 6th overall
Released: March 23, 2007
Recorded: 200-2007
Label: Epic Records
Sales: 800,000 copies (WW)
Charts: #10 (USA), #3 (Hungary)
No. of Singles: 2
Amazon: [BUY]

Rebirth (2005)
About: 4rd studio album, 5th overall
Released: March 1, 2005
Recorded: 2004
Label: Epic Records
Sales: 2.5 million copies (WW)
Charts: #2 (USA), #3 (Hungary)
No. of Singles: 2
Amazon: [BUY]

This Is Me...Then (2002)
About: 3rd studio album, 4th overall
Released: November 25, 2002
Recorded: 2001-2002
Label: Epic Records
Sales: 6 million copies (WW)
Charts: #2 (USA), #9 (Hungary)
No. of Singles: 3
Amazon: [BUY]

J.Tho Tha L-O - The Remixes (2002)
About: 1st compilation, 3rd overall
Released: February 5, 2002
Recorded: 1998-2001
Label: Epic Records
Sales: 1.5 million copies (USA)
Charts: #1 (USA)
No. of Singles: 3
Amazon: [BUY]

J.Lo (2001)
About: 2nd studio album
Released: January 23, 2001
Recorded: 2000
Label: Epic Records
Sales: 7 million copies (WW)
Charts: #1 (USA), #15 (Hungary)
No. of Singles: 4
Amazon: [BUY]

On The 6 (1999)
About: 1st studio album
Released: June 1, 1999.
Recorded: 1998-1999.
Label: Epic Records
Sales: 8 million copies (WW)
Charts: #8 (USA), #14 (Hungary)
No. of Singles: 5
Amazon: [BUY]

CHAT // free your mind

SEPTEMBER 21, 2013: Chris Brown talks at the IHeart Radio Music Festival about Jennifer Lopez upcoming album. He added two new titles he wrote for her:
- Emotions;
-Same Girl.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2013:
Lynda Lopez tweeted Jennifer Lopez working with Robin Thicke on her album.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2013:
Taylor Swift added, there's no collaboration with J-Lo.
SEPTEMBER 9, 2013:
It rumored, that Jennifer working on a song with Taylor Swift for her upcoming album.

JULY 18, 2013
Jennifer performed the song at the 2013 Premios Juventud with Pitbull.

MAY 28, 2013
Jennifer performs "Live It Up" at the semi final of Britain's Got Talent to promote the song.

MAY 21, 2013
"Live It Up" reached 11 million hits on Youtube.

May 20, 2013
"Live It Up" reached 10 million hits on Youtube!

MAY 19, 2013
Jennifer performed "Live It Up" at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

MAY 18, 2013
"Live It Up" music video reached 5 million hits on Youtube.

MAY 17, 2013
"Live It Up" music video premiered on Jennifer's VEVO channel on Youtube. In the first day, the video reached 2 million hits on Youtube.

MAY 16, 2013
Jennifer performed at the first time live her new single from her upcoming 10th album, which comes out in November. She performed "Live It Up" with Pitbull at the American Idol Season 12 finale.

MAY 8, 2013
First single from the album, "Live It Up" featuring Pitbull premiered on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. Jennifer Lopez said in the interview, that her album coming later, November in this year.

APRIL 29, 2013 Chris Brown talks about working with Jennifer Lopez on her new album in MTV News.

APRIL 26, 2013 Jennifer Lopez told extra.tv host Mario Lopez, that she may be leaving the dance tracks behind and returning to her edgier hip-hop sound with the singer hoping that working with Chris Brown on her next album will bring back the “Jenny From The Block” era. “Yes, when we were in the studio, writing songs and just getting that 'Jenny from the Block' flavor back,” J.Lo told Mario Lopez on Extra about working with Breezy. “We actually worked on a bunch of [title] ideas... and we talked about doing a duet together for his album. Every time I get a new song I'm like, 'Oh, that could be a new title for the album'.”

APRIL 25, 2013
Jennifer Lopez wrote on her twitter, that her first single from her upcoming album, "Live It Up" featuring Pitbull will be out on May 8.

APRIL 16, 2013
Lopez tweeted to her fans, that soon everything will be come: she teamed up with RedOne and Cory Rooney.

APRIL 1, 2013:
Chris Brown added, he's writing songs for Jennifer Lopez's upcoming album.

MARCH 30, 2013
Lopez tweeted that she's currently in a studio, and working on her new album.

MARCH 26, 2013
Chris Brown told to USA Today, that he's working with Jennifer Lopez on her new album. "We met briefly at the Grammys and she said she wanted me to write for her album," he says. "Working with her was amazing."

FEBRUARY 21, 2013:
Jennifer Lopez uploaded a photo to her twitter about she's working on new music with Cory Rooney.

JANUARY 29, 2013
Afrojack wrote on his twitter, that he's working with Jennifer Lopez on her 2013 album.

JANUARY 23, 2013
USA Today reports, that Jennifer Lopez working on new music and possibly a Christmas album.

JANUARY 22, 2013
Jennifer Lopez told USA Today that she was considering releasing a Christmas album: "Movies. I'm going to focus on films right now. I'm working on a new album but I feel like I have more time on that. I might do a Christmas album. This is going to be my 10th album. It has to be great or I'm not putting it out. I'm never not working on music."

DECEMBER 31, 2012 Jennifer Lopez tweeted about how is she excited about the next year, and is a hashtag wrote #Album10.

Jennifer Lopez began recording material for the album and has confirmed that it will be released sometime in 2013.

RedOne revealed that he is the executive producer of Lopez's upcoming eighth studio album. He described the album to MTV News as "very special" which would combine all of her genres, including "urban/hip-hop" along with "the dance, the rhythmic, the Latin".
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Jennifer Lopez admits that she has it much easier than her sister Lynda

The world recognises Jennifer Lopez as a successful singer, actress, businesswoman and mum-of-two.
1/10/2013 // Source: Daily Mail

But in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine she spoke of her admiration for her baby sister Lynda Lopez , who had daughter Lucie Wren Lopez-Goldfried in 2008 with Adam Goldfried. Speaking about her Emmy Award-winning journalist sibling, she said: 'I just love and respect her so much. She’s a single mom but not like I’m a single mom. I have a lot of help – she doesn’t. I always ask, ‘Do you need anything?’ And she’s like, ‘I’m good’. But I know she’s exhausted.'

JLo also admitted that her party days were well and truly behind her, despite continuing film her music videos at parties and clubs whilst she shakes her famous booty.

Contrary to what her videos portray, she revealed she’s never on the dance floor in the early hours of the morning. JLo said: 'Once it gets past 12, I’m like, oh, it’s getting late. If you’re hanging around some after-party until the wee hours, how are you supposed to take five meetings in a row the next day?'

And it's refreshing to know even JLo gets annoyed at being ignored: 'It’s funny, early on with Beau, I remember telling him how I have a real button on being ignored. 'And he was like, "Listen, if somebody ignores you, then forget them. They don’t deserve to have your attention." 'But it’s funny. Sometimes when we don’t get it, we try to get it in a negative way, you know?'

In the interview JLo, also revealed her insecurities over singing despite selling 70 million records. She spoke of how her ex-husband Marc helped her get over her fear, and told her 'you have to let go.'

The star, who is now dating choreographer Casper Smart, 26, added: 'I was always so insecure. Then I grew, little by little, and realised, wait a minute, this is not a fluke. I’m not a mistake – I work my ass off. And I know what I’m doing.' '[Women] give away [their] power so much – even in love – with men. And it’s always looked down on in the world for women to be powerful – they get labelled as difficult or bitchy.'

The full interview appears in the November issue of Cosmopolitan, on sale October 3.

VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez Meets My Fabulous Quince Winner Alyssa Linares

9/23/2013 // Credit: Access Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez and Alyssa Linares – the winner of “My Fabulous Quince” presented by Verizon -- chat with Access about putting together the 15-year-old's fabulous Quince.

Chris Brown named two songs he wrote for J.Lo's album


Chris Brown talks about 2 new songs he wrote for Jennifer Lopez on her new album. The titles are Same Girl and Emotions

Jennifer Lopez Styles 'My Fabulous Quince' Contest Winner


Jennifer Lopez meets up with Verizon’s My Fabulous Quince Contest winner Alyssa Linares to give her a personal styling session on Saturday (September 21) in Westlake Village, California.

Craig Borten Enters ‘The 33′ Mining Disaster; Jennifer Lopez Exits

9/21/2013 // Source: Deadline

Craig Borten has signed to rewrite/polish The 33, the survival struggle of 33 miners trapped far below the earth after a cave-in in Copiapo, Chile, in 2010. It is Borten’s first job since writing with Melissa Wallack on Dallas Buyers Club, the fact-based drama that generated strong Oscar buzz at the Toronto Film Festival. In another development on the film, Jennifer Lopez has just dropped out of The 33, because of a scheduling problem that cropped up when she committed to a return to American Idol.

The 33 will be directed by La Misma Luna’s Patricia Riggen, with Antonio Banderas and Martin Sheen committed to star in the rescue tale that is being produced by Mike Medavoy, Robert Katz and Edward McGurn. Carlos Eugenio Lavin and Leopoldo Enriquez will be exec producers. “These 33 men went into that mine every day for the sake of their families, and they almost lost their lives because of it,” Medavoy said. “The irony of the movie is that, except for the fame the disaster brought them, they haven’t been rightfully compensated for their struggle.”

The miners spent over two months awaiting rescue as the world watched and numerous countries sent help. The U.S. sent a NASA team and an American driller.

Jennifer Lopez Styles 'My Fabulous Quince' Contest Winner


Jennifer Lopez meets up with Verizon’s My Fabulous Quince Contest winner Alyssa Linares to give her a personal styling session on Saturday (September 21) in Westlake Village, California.

HRC national gala dinner to honor Jennifer Lopez

9/20/2013 // Source: Washington Post

You can’t have a glitzy fundraising awards gala without a big showbiz celebrity or two — and this year, the Human Rights Campaign has drawn Jennifer Lopez as the recipient of its “Ally for Equality” award, the gay-rights group announced Friday.

Credentials go beyond looking perpetually fabulous: HRC notes that she has raised money for HIV/AIDS causes, advocated against bullying, and is executive producer of a new ABC Family show, “The Fosters,” that features a two-mom family.

The dinner, at the Washington Convention Center, is expected to seat 3,400. Previous recipients of the award include Sally Field and Pink.

Kristin Chenoweth Joins Jennifer Lopez in 'The Boy Next Door'

The thriller is the latest from hit factory Blumhouse, which is making the movie with Smart Entertainment and Nuyorican Productions. Universal will distribute.
9/19/2013 // Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Kristin Chenoweth is in negotiations to join the cast of The Boy Next Door, a Blumhouse thriller starring Jennifer Lopez. Rob Cohen will direct the micro-budget movie, which will be distributed by Universal. Blumhouse is making the movie with Smart Entertainment and Nuyorican Productions.

Lopez will play a newly separated mother who finds herself attracted to the teenage boy who moves in next door and befriends her son. When she starts and then abruptly ends their illicit romance, he’s not ready to let her go -- in a very Fatal Attraction kind of way. Chenoweth will play Lopez's best friend.

Barbara Curry wrote the script; Jason Blum, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Benny Medina and John Jacobs are producing. Zac Unterman is serving as an executive producer.

Next Door is due to shoot this fall.

The movie is the latest collaboration between Blumhouse and Universal, who last worked together on The Purge, the $3 million thriller that grossed more than $64 million domestically. Blumhouse is additionally coming off the $40-plus million opening of Insidious: Chapter 2, which cost around $5 million to make.

Chenoweth has made a career of skipping from stage to big screen to small screen while also soaring with a singing career. She originated the role of Glinda the Good Witch in Wicked, earning her a Tony nomination and starred in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, for which she won the award.

She guest-starred on Glee, starred in Pushing Daisies and G.C.B., and is voicing a character in Rio 2. She also wrote an autobiography titled A Little Bit Wicked, which hit the New York Times best-seller list.

She is repped by CAA, Untitled Entertainment and attorneys James Adams and Julie Feldman.

Rosie O'donnell To Play Foster Family Mentor In Lopez Tv Drama

9/18/2013 // Source: WENN

Celebrity foster parent Rosie O'donnell has been cast in Jennifer Lopez's hit new Tv drama about the care system.

The comedian-actress will play a mentor to the family in The Fosters and appear in three episodes to air next year (14).

O'Donnell landed the role after tweeting about her love for the show, which stars Teri Polo and Sherri Saum as a lesbian couple raising a family of foster and biological kids. She says, "I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful, heartwarming show. My kids and I never miss it."

New photos: Shopping in Los Angeles 9/17

9/18/2013 // Source: XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM

Jennifer Lopez and younger boyfriend Casper Smart strong showed their two-year romance was going strong on Tuesday as they held hands while shopping in Beverly Hills, California.
image host image host image host image host

VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez supports BFF Leah Remini:

9/18/2013 // Source: ABC

Christina Milian thrilled about J-Lo

9/17/2013 // Source: Twitter

Christina Milian, who wrote "Play" for Jennifer Lopez, met her at the Dancing with the Stars, and really loved it:

After the show, J-Lo supports Milian via twitter:

new photo: Jennifer on the set of 'DWTS'

9/17/2013 // Source: Twitter
Jennifer Lopez to support her BFF, Leah Remini at the Dancing With The Stars

New photos: Jennifer arrives to the ABC Studios

9/17/2013 // Credit: Just Jared

Jennifer Lopez keeps it chic while arriving on the set of Dancing with the Stars to support her close gal pal Leah Remini on Monday (September 16) in Los Angeles.
image host image host image host image host

New photo: Jennifer in the studio with Robin Thicke!

9/15/2013 // Credit: Twitter

Lynda Lopez, the younger sister of Jennifer Lopez posted a pic: Jennifer works on her 10th album with Robin Thicke

New photo: Jennifer with Big Sean in the studio

9/15/2013 // Credit: Twitter

Big Sean added a pic to his instagram: in the studio with Jennifer Lopez

New photo: in the studio with Big Sean

9/15/2013 // Source: Twitter

Jennifer's boyfriend, Casper Smart tweeted: her new albom on the way. Jennifer will work together on her album with Big Sean

New Kohl's commercial with the hilarious Jennifer Lopez


Leah Remini: Jennifer Lopez To Attend DWTS Premiere

9/14/2013 // Source: Access Hollywood

The “Dancing with the Stars” ballroom will be graced with extra sparkle and fierceness during Monday’s premiere.

According to Leah Remini (who is competing on the show with pro partner Tony Dovolani), her longtime good friend Jennifer Lopez will be in the audience for support! “She is [coming],” Leah told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson at her rehearsal alongside Tony on Friday, when asked if J.Lo would be attending any shows.

And, the superstar singer/dancer had some encouraging words for Leah, after the former “King of Queens” actress admitted she’s feeling nervous about her “Dancing” debut. “I can’t tell you on camera what she told me when I told her I’m scared – I’ll tell you off camera!” Leah – who was sporting wedge sneakers from J.Lo’s clothing line – said with a smile. “It made me laugh and I was like, ‘You’re right.’”

Thanks to Jennifer’s encouragement, Leah feels more prepared for Monday night’s show. “She was gonna come the first night and then I tried to talk her out of it – and I’ll tell you what she said after that – and I was like, ‘I’ll see you Monday,’” she said.

Watch Leah and Tony take on the foxtrot when “Dancing with the Stars” Season 17 premieres on Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

New twit:



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